About us

Living Solution Srl was founded in 2015 as production and marketing company which accompany the world of frames.

The company produces tailor fitted mosquito nets such as plissè, miniplissè, jolly, lateral and vertical spring mosquito nets, vertical chain mosquito nets, vertical spring/chain mosquito nets, all with their features and functions, pvc, aluminum and steel blinds, shower cabins, sun blinds for outtdoor use, roller blinds for indoor use, venetian blinds, bellows doors, blackouts etc.

Living Solution’s goal is to show that not onlu it’s possible to find the tailored solution, but also livesi t, through the creation of our products and to guarantee entirely the goods with assistance and repair service.

Our production made the difference both with the quality, professionalism, detailed knowledge of goods and timely delivery that also with the love that we have for our work. In fact, our logo has the shape of a heart which allows for our passion to also be a source of income.

Our team


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